Our Testimonials

I cannot say enough great things about A&B. Robin and her office manager Keoni are two of the most selfless women I have ever met. They genuinely care about their clients and are wonderful activists for their younger patients. My oldest daughter (who is 4) has been going here for little over a year and I cannot begin to tell you how much my girl has improved. She was almost completely nonverbal, only communicating thru sounds, limited vocabulary, and gestures; and had a really hard time socializing or even wanting to be around other people. She has made a complete 360° turnaround & it’s all thanks to Robin and her wonderful therapy sessions with my baby. I would recommended her services to any and everyone looking for a great SLP. They really do go ABOVE & BEYOND your expectations Thank you ladies SO much! – Alex P.

After a long, difficult treatment of radiation and chemo for Metastatic lung cancer that had spread to lymph nodes and after numerous surgeries, I was diagnosed with Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). My surgeon recommended Robin at Above and Beyond so she scheduled a swallow study. After reviewing the results she told me with a some hard work she believed she could help me. Well I have to say I was a little bit skeptical because I thought Speech Paths only help you with language difficulties. Little did I know after months of therapy I can now say that I can just about eat everything I did before my cancer. I’m truly blessed for the recommendation I received from my surgeon to see her. So with that being said, I recommend Robin at Above and Beyond to anyone with any type of speech difficulties or swallow issues! – Truly Blessed, Ed J.

I have known Robin Higginbottom for many many years. She is a fantastic business owner and truly a great friend. We have used her for speech for just over a year now. I could not be more proud of the patients and progress I have seen her bring for my daughter. I can guarantee you will not find anyone more trustworthy, honest and professional no matter what your speech needs. She is very accommodating and works around the most difficult schedules (even mine) to make sure her patients needs are met. A++ all the way around. – Chris E.

5 stars all around!! We love, love, love Above and Beyond! My son has progressed so much since we started in August. I couldn’t be more thankful for Robin, She’s such a blessing!Lovie C.

Robin is one of the best speech pathologists my daughter has ever had/has. She has taught her so much in the past year that I could ever imagine!. To this day she’s still teaching her and working with her everyday. She’s loving, kind, patient and understanding. I honestly wouldn’t recommend anyone else. She’s the only one I WOULD want my daughter too see. Thank you Robin for all your doing for my daughter and teaching her the most important things about speech. I understand her more and more everyday because of you. – Christy R.

My two children have been seeing Robin since before she had her own office. Both of my children can be understood and can understand the written word better than they ever have. I would recommend coming to this place for anyone.Dannielle C.

When it comes to speech therapy and such you will not receive this quality and care anywhere else. Robin is the best in her field and I trust her 200%. She has made outstanding progress with my youngest son. My son who was non-verbal can now speak in sentences and communicate his feelings without a lot of frustration. Robin has made many positive things happen for them. – David S.

Robin’s tender and thoughtful approach has brought my nearly non-verbal nephew to a talking and thinking machine! He has made incredible progress since beginning with Above and Beyond. Heather H.

My sister has been going here for a while, and her speech has improved so much. It’s gotten so easy to understand what she’s saying. This is the best place for my sister to go to in my opinion. Before my sister came here I couldn’t understand her much, but now I can understand what she’s saying almost all the time. I would really suggest this place.Mary E.